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Jackson Heights New York Teeth Cleaning

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Dental office in Jackson Heights New York

Jackson Heights New York Teeth Cleaning
Jackson Heights New York Teeth Cleaning

If you want to make sure that your teeth and gums stay healthy, it is very important that you come to our dental practice, The Gentle Dentist – Dr. Amit Sood, for periodic dental exams and dental cleanings. It is generally recommended that patients have a Jackson Heights New York teeth cleaning every six months, unless otherwise recommended.

There are two different types of dental cleanings that you can have at our dental office. A Jackson Heights New York teeth cleaning, refers to a regular dental cleaning. This is the type of cleaning that you should have on a six-month basis. This regular dental cleaning will remove all plaque, tartar, and bacteria that is on your teeth. It can also reach plaque which is very slightly below the gum line. These cleanings are very important for both your dental health and your gum health. When plaque stays on teeth, the acids in the plaque will attack your tooth enamel. This can cause dental cavities. During these dental cleanings, your teeth will also be polished so that the actual tooth can better keep plaque from sticking to it. In addition, no plaque will be left on teeth so that it will turn into tartar. When tartar remains on teeth, it encourages the development of deep pockets to form between the teeth and gums. This will lead to gum disease which can eventually go on to cause tooth loss or even infections and other parts of your body. If our dentist sees that you have developed gum disease, and that deep pockets have formed, you will need to have a periodontal cleaning at our office. This periodontal cleaning is like a deep cleaning for the gums. All bacteria, tartar, and plaque will be removed from the deep pockets, and the deep pockets in the gums will usually heal after one or two periodontal cleanings. This treatment is called a scaling and root planing procedure.

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