Jackson Heights Kids Dentist

Jackson Heights Kids Dentist

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Pediatric Dental Exams in Jackson Heights

Jackson Heights Kids Dentist
Jackson Heights Kids Dentist

The key to great dental health as an adult begins with the establishment of good habits in childhood. At The Gentle Dentist, we are dedicated to making your child’s experiences here pleasant and comfortable so that she or he will have a good feeling about making trips to see our Jackson Heights kids dentist, Dr. Amit Sood. That begins with a warm, welcoming environment in addition to a kind and patient staff.

On your child’s very first visit, we will establish that positive atmosphere. He or she will become familiar with the office and the equipment and tools that are used. An examination will include a physical and visual inspection of your child’s teeth, gums, and jaws followed by x-rays to get a thorough view of what’s going on inside your child’s teeth. Her or his bite will be tested also. And a teeth cleaning finishes things up, with harmful plaque, tartar, and food remnants removed. By the time you and your child leave that day, he or she will have a mouth that is free of the culprits that cause tooth decay and gum disease. Of course, if a cavity is found, our Jackson Heights kids dentist will fill it. And rest assured that we make every effort possible to make certain that such procedures are done with as little discomfort as can be managed.

In-between regular checkups every six months, the ball will be in your court. This means daily brushing (ideally after every meal) and flossing in addition to good nutrition and a limitation on sugary foods and drinks. Our Jackson Heights kids dentist will work with you on continued education to give your child the best chance for optimal dental well-being. This includes tips on teething and a discussion about the benefits of fluoride treatments.

By adhering to a solid strategy, both at home and at our office, the goal is to limit the effects of tooth decay and gum disease, which threaten your child’s teeth. It’s vital that their primary (baby) teeth fall out on their regular schedule. Teeth that have to be extracted early interfere with the normal time frame and can lead to teeth shifting and an improper amount of space for the permanent (adult) teeth to grow in.

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