Elmhurst toothache

Elmhurst Toothache

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Treating toothaches in Elmhurst

Toothaches are sometimes thought of as the condition, but they’re really only a symptom of the real problem. Here at the office of The Gentle Dentist- Dr. Amit Sood, you will get the expert diagnosis that is necessary for identifying and implementing the appropriate type of care.

The common causes of toothaches all share one aspect to them, and that is the breach of your tooth’s protective layers, leading to your pulp and nerve inside being exposed to irritation, inflammation, and infection. In fact, it’s that exposure that is usually the source of your Elmhurst toothache. The nerve is supposed to be insulated, but a cavity, chipped tooth, or cracked tooth creates an opening of the barrier. Even an existing filling can be troublesome when it becomes loose or falls out, thereby letting the original cavity become open again. So long as your Elmhurst toothache is just pain and not infection, you should only need a filling or a crown to remedy the situation. The more urgent danger comes if the pulp sustains an infection, which then necessitates root canal therapy. The less time that elapses between the first sign of tooth pain and getting treatment, the less opportunity there is for bacteria to get inside in the first place. That’s why even a mild toothache should be addressed as quickly as possible. In the case of root canal, you’ll be sufficiently numbed with local anesthesia, and the procedure should produce very little to no discomfort at all, due to the advanced techniques and equipment used. The ultimate goal is to save your tooth, and the treatment has a success rate of 90%, with the best outcomes associated with prompt attention.

Don’t ignore or put off doing something about your Elmhurst toothache. Contact our office and we will have you seen at the earliest opportunity by our gentle dentist.

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