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Elmhurst Teeth Whitening

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Common causes of teeth stains in Elmhurst

Everyone wants a whiter smile these days, but common tooth stains often stand in the way. Stains on teeth and enamel discoloration are generally rather common, and there are ways to avoid them as well as get rid of them. If you happen to be interested in Elmhurst teeth whitening, then you can visit The Gentle Dentist – Dr. Amit Sood for the complete care you need. From teeth whitening to learning about the common causes of tooth stains, Dr. Sood has everything you need.

When caring for your teeth, hygiene is essential. Brushing between meals, flossing and rinsing with mouthwash daily as well as having a relatively healthy diet all contribute to your dental health as well as the general color of your teeth. But teeth stains can still set in while incorporating good hygiene habits into your schedule. Many people experience discoloration from things like coffee, tea and other popular beverages, and even food. If you regularly drink soda, sports drinks, wine, or eat a lot of tomato sauce, berries or candy, you may also notice that your teeth are particularly discolored or have stains on them. Brushing between meals can help, but it may not be able to prevent stains from setting in all together. Here at The Gentle Dentist – Dr. Amit Sood, you can get the Elmhurst teeth whitening you need in order to see more dramatic results. Dr. Sood can provide you with an in-office whitening procedure or he can provide you with a custom whitening tray so you can perform the whitening from the comfort of your own home. Serving the community for over 20 years, Dr. Sood prides himself on providing each of his patients with the individualized care they need in order to see the best results, even when it comes to teeth whitening.

If you are interested in learning more about Elmhurst teeth whitening or would like to set up an appointment, just call us here at The Gentle Dentist – Dr. Amit Sood to book your visit today.

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