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Dentist Jackson Heights

Whether it’s due to a traumatic episode as a child, or another family member’s nightmare tales of the dreaded dentist chair, people tend to fear the dentist and don’t go when they should. The real nightmare is what may potentially happen if fear keeps you from the dentist altogether. Whatever the reason, without routine dental care, and avoiding obvious warning signs such as pain in the mouth or gums, you risk losing your teeth. Sedation dentistry and our Jackson Heights dentist give hope to those patients who simply can’t handle regular dental visits.

Dental Office Jackson Heights
Dental Office Jackson Heights

Whether you’ve been postponing a simple dental checkup, important restorative care, or even a simple cleaning, now is the time to make the move toward a healthy smile and without fear or anxiety. Advancements in modern dentistry offer state-of-the-art tools and options to make necessary dental treatments tolerable, and even comfortable, using sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry provides an anxiety-free path to the dental treatments you need. Our Jackson Heights dentist, The Gentle Dentist -Dr. Amit Sood, has been specially trained to relax our patients in order to create a calm and safe dental experience. As a sedation dentist, Dr. Sood is a skilled practitioner who often prescribes medications to calm certain patients. Well aware that a high level of fear and anxiety will prevent some people from seeking necessary dental treatments, our Jackson Heights dentist is well-educated in all sedation medications and how they interact with other medications.

Usually taken orally, the medication leaves our patients completely alert and able to respond to any questions our dentist may have. Dr. Sood has taken many hours of added education making him expertly qualified to practice sedation dentistry so he can thoroughly meet the needs of our patients who find dental visits emotionally challenging. Statistics show that sedation dentistry is responsible for the successful dental experiences of over two million patients who have positive experiences and continue to seek important dental treatments on a regular basis. Providing a wonderful feeling of peace of mind and well-being, sedation dentistry with our Jackson Heights dentist, takes the anxiety and fear away so you can receive the necessary dental treatment you need.

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